Gabby and Shireen Chill bitch doses

Female Strong & Chill B*tch Doses

In honor of Women’s History Month, Chill B*tch Doses will be donating 20% of all profits to Female Strong. We are so excited about this amazing partnership! Chill B*tch Doses is a 100% female owned health and wellness brand delivering premium CBD and adaptogen products with the mission to support all women and men on…


You Cannot Stop Our YEA! Girls

A few months ago, we advertised a contest opportunity from Baby Paper:   After many weeks of deliberation, Baby Paper is proud to announce that Daijah Pierce’s (a YEA! Girl) optical illusion design will be a design put into production! As the winner, Daijah will be receiving a $50 design fee and a portion…


Win a Trip to Antigua with a $2,100 value!

Congratulations to our winner, Katherine Tipper, COO Hunter Benefits Consulting Group!! Register to win a get-away to Antigua and help support our girls at Female Strong and you have until December 2022 to book your trip! Have you missed traveling due to COVID?  Are you dreaming of a trip to a beautiful tropical beach destination?…