You Cannot Stop Our YEA! Girls

A few months ago, we advertised a contest opportunity from Baby Paper:   After many weeks of deliberation, Baby Paper is proud to announce that Daijah Pierce’s (a YEA! Girl) optical illusion design will be a design put into production! As the winner, Daijah will be receiving a $50 design fee and a portion…

Female Strong CEO Jodie LaVoie Shares Her Story with #FlipYourScript Host Kristi Piehl

My community and the Arrowstream family came through for my daughters and me in the most beautiful way when Steve passed. Their support, paired with my determination, gave me the strength to evolve my career into the CEO of @WeAreFemaleStrong! I recently shared my story with #FlipYourScript host Kristi Piehl. Listen below! #girlsempowerment #femalestrong