Board Member, Female Strong – Vice President, BEAR Construction

What Does Female Strong Mean to You?

For me, Female Strong represents unwavering resilience. That despite life’s challenges and biases we charter through life with the ability to rise above any situation. That despite the fact that we may potentially have to work harder and smarter and situations may be unfair at times, we have the courage and determination to rise above. That we own the fact that by tapping into our CONFIDENCE, by owning our authentic VOICE, by LIFTING other women around us, we will trailblaze our way through situations and make a path for the future. We will RISE TOGETHER + thrive. Whatever we do, whatever we may be faced with, we don’t stop. This is why I’m proud and honored to have been accepted to the board of Female Strong, They are fueling these young female leaders with all of these unwritten truths. They teach these young girls the softs skills it takes to be that fierce Female Strong leader. They provide a safe space of belonging and support to help them see and achieve their highest potential. Hopefully these young girls see that we are stronger together.

“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow!” – Cheers to Female Strong!