Board Member, Female Strong – President and CEO, Edlong Corporation

What Does Female Strong Mean to You?

I grew up as the youngest in a family of 7, 5 girls and 2 boys. By the time I came along, my mom was done being a stay-at-home mom and fitting into the mold of that era where the men worked and the women tended to the house and children. She went back to college at the age of 50, a trailblazer of her generation. None of my friend’s moms were doing that. This taught me independence at an early age. I have always admired her strength.

My mom’s intellect needed to be stimulated. She had so much to offer the world. Graduating from the University of Chicago with a Masters in Social Work, she started her practice and continued to work until her early 80s. She loved it!

My mom showed me there are many ways to live a life. You do not have to conform. You deserve to be happy. Believe you can do anything you desire.

Female Strong creates that space for young women to believe in themselves and to experiment with pushing their own boundaries. A lesson they will carry with them their whole lives. There is no better way to gain confidence and shine.