Founder and Board President, Female Strong
– Vice President, Bespoke Commercial Real Estate

What Does Female Strong Mean to You?

As the only female in my firm for the past 11 years, and one of the few females in my industry, I have somehow been dubbed a rare magical unicorn among the men. The only thing that bothers me about that is the word rare. Why am I so rare? I started digging into it, and what I found is that 85% of girls in the 6th grade believe they will be as successful as boys in their chosen career path. By the time those same girls reach the age of 19, that drops drastically to only 35%. When I dove into those studies, it broke my heart. I decided then and there that this was a crisis that needed to be solved. And we were going to start immediately! This is how Female Strong was formed. To quote Cleo Wade, “The best thing about Girl Power is that over time it turns into Women Power.” If you empower girls today, they will turn into the future female leaders of tomorrow.