Excellence from the Inside Out

Workshops that makes girls who they are and to stand up and stand out in all that we do for ourselves and others.


Where girls can come together in a safe space to nurture that spark within themselves to ignite the fire to better prepare them for all the twists and turns that life throws at them.

Programs are for middle and high school girls. Monthly programs are $15 per session. If you are interested in a subscription of the entire 12 month series, you may access all sessions at your leisure through our learning management system. Sessions will be uploaded within one week of each session.

All workshops begin the third Saturday of each month in 2021. Most workshops start at 10 am CST, but when the topic warrants a separate level of discussion, we may split the girls based on age and run a second session at 11 am CST. Please refer to the schedule for each month to determine your correct start time.


  • During Covid times, girls are feeling more isolated than ever, anxiety is at unprecedented
    levels and mental health is on the brink
  • Access to amazing topical monthly content
  • Create a safe space
  • Improve self respect
  • Workshops will elevate through education and activate behaviors through interactive discussion and activities
  • Kick off 2021 developing a growth mindset
  • Set your intention for an amazing year of the amazing you
  • Girls need more than what is taught during the school day, they need to know how to navigate in this world.
  • Connect with amazing female role models
  • Be able to better navigate friend and peer situations

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Monthly programs are $15 per session or $125 for the entire 12 month series.

Workshops Schedule

Here is an overview of all of the amazing workshops we have in store for 2021. Your daughter will not want to miss a single one. She will leave each session inspired to take immediate action in her life to help her discover and continue to nurture the leader within her.

January 16, 2021

Unbothered Retreat – Kick Off 2021 with less anxiety and learn how to take better care of YOU.

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You are doing amazing things as you step into your unique leadership as a young woman. Doing this work, though, can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. That is why it is so important to find ways to take care of what is most important: YOU!  You are never too young to get focused on what matters to you!  Join us for an Unbothered Retreat, curated especially for ambitious young women like you! During the retreat, you will relax and have fun as you learn about creative ways to practice self-care.


Kandice Cole is a self-care guide, consultant, writer, and the creator of the Unbothered Black Girl Collective. Kandice attended the University of Chicago, earning a B.A in Psychology and M.A Teaching. Throughout her career and entrepreneurial journey, Kandice has experienced exhaustion and burnout. She has become committed to practicing self-care and now helps women and girls create and maintain their own self-care practices. Learn more about her work at kandicecole.com


February 20, 2021

Voice Your Passion: Because YOUR voice matters and YOU can make the difference.

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Have an idea that you don’t know how to put to words? Been told you are too young to change your community? Passionate about a movement but don’t know where to start. Alisha Gupta is here to make sure you have the tools and know-how to advocate and pave a way to justice, to bring your community together, and gain the network you need to make a difference. This workshop is focused on building female voices and ensuring they are heard. YOUR opinions matter, YOU are important, and YOU can make the difference we need to see in this world. Come ready to learn the ins and outs as to the ins and outs of listening, learning, and advocating any issue


Alisha Gupta is a current student at UT Austin’s Business school, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is the CEO and Founder of nonprofit Needed but Forgotten, which leverages excess inventories of suitcases to improve the lives of foster children around California.  Her passion to volunteer and give back also brought her into a position as youth lead for Maitri, holding teen conventions about toxic masculinity, gender inequality, partner violence, and healthy relationships. Her journey as a keynote speaker accelerated from there to launching and hosting her current podcast, What Cause Inspires You. Through the What Cause Inspires You podcast, Alisha leverages her personal experience and leadership to empower student organizations with awareness, connections, and financial resources. The podcast now includes a Professional Perspective series that features the CEO and their insight to youth about social entrepreneurship. Her goal is to connect audience members with our speakers while educating on under-represented issues.

March 20, 2021

Building Resilience and Establishing Self Care

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This session will provide tools to manage anxiety and build resilience. Covid-19 drastically altered the way we operate­: how we attend school and how we spend quality time with our loved ones (just to name a few!!!). You may feel overwhelmed, stressed, and/or anxious as you navigate school in a virtual setting and if your family dynamics changed. Together, we will address different emotions that may accompany you, as you get settled in this new normal.


Heather A. Perkins is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker devoted to bringing holistic wellness services to BIPOC communities. She recently co-founded Melanated Wellness, NFP with her best friend Alexis Dillon¬– Melanated Wellness provides psychotherapy and personal training to foster self-discovery and promote self-care to optimize healing from generational trauma. In addition, Heather is a Community Behavioral Health Specialist for Metropolitan Peace Initiative, she provides brief counseling services to families impacted by violence (both victims and “perpetrators”).

Heather is a Chicago native! She obtained a BA from DePaul University where she double-majored in African and Black Diaspora Studies and English. She received her MSW from the University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family + friends as well as cycling and practicing yoga!


April 17, 2021

Lead Your Ship: Your Superpowers for Success

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Foundational to professional development, students start with an examination of self. Students gain self-awareness and ability to lead themselves and others from a place of authentic leadership. This session is focused on the identification and development of leadership character, core values, and innate talents/ strengths to equip students with tools to take control of their career path and decisions using knowledge of self to steer their ship


Talent, leadership, and culture development leader, Candace D. Washington, helping organizations build tools and inclusive cultures that equip emerging leaders to authentically navigate real-world challenges, accelerate performance, and thrive at their highest potential. As a diverse leader, having learned the hard way from years struggling post-undergrad to succeed in the marketplace, Candace teaches skills beyond book smarts pivotal to leadership success like how to build winning relationships, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, effectively communicate, influence up, and cope with culture shock in non-diverse environments, among others. Organizations partner with Pivotal Impact to accelerate the success of emerging leader’s by building capacity for individual and organizational effectiveness. She has lived the lessons she teaches and is committed to demystify the workplace and build cultures that help future leaders navigate smarter, farther, and faster.

When not immersed in her work, Candace loves spending time traveling with friends/ family, connecting with different cultures, mentoring, dancing (although not good at it), and most importantly, playing with her adorable niece and nephew! She lives in and LOVES Chicago! Go BEARS!


May 15, 2021

The Power of Hello and Networking

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Understand the power of hello and how it connects to your overall success!   In this session, we will take a look into intentional networking.   Networking, whether you like it or not, is a must in today’s world and it starts at any age.   During our session, you will understand the how important saying hello is, mastering your audience, and formulating your own personal agenda.   This session will give you a look into how to create your own personal and unique brand that starts at HELLO!


Laticia Holbert has a unique blend of skills and gifts that lend themselves to training, workforce development, diversity, social justice, and change management. She has been coined by her peers as the connector of people and things.  Laticia is always looking at the big picture, pulling talents and gifts while championing people to live their authentic selves.   Within her 20 years of experience in corporate training, career and professional development planning, championing diversity and inclusion efforts, leading employee resource groups and business development, Laticia is a powerhouse.

Laticia is currently employed at ComEd.  In her role, her main goals are to remove barriers to decrease unemployment and underemployment, and ensure a highly-skilled, diverse workforce for the rapidly transforming industry and region in which we serve. Laticia oversees the ComEd Infrastructure Academy, which includes the CONSTRUCT Program.

Laticia is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Economics and a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Additionally, she has a certificate in Coaching for Employee Engagement.  Servitude is very important to Laticia.  She is an active member of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated, and Million Women Mentors Steering Committee Member. She is also an Emeritus Ambassador Council member for the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.  Laticia has previously served on Women in Energy Network (WEN) Chicago New Member Onboarding Chair (2018-2019), and board of directors for Foundation College Prep (2016-2018).


June 19, 2021

Experiencing Life Through The B-List

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To experience excellence from the inside out, we have to get focused on how we are experiencing life, not just what we are achieving in life. In this workshop, you will learn the power of experiencing life through the B-List, a framework that gets us to take the moments that we encounter each day and leverage them for our growth, our strength and our ultimate joy.


Khalilah Lyons is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategist and enthusiast devoted to advocating for underrepresented and untapped talent and brilliance in others.  Her experience ranges from Fortune 500 corporations and manufacturers to digital start-ups, and she is currently driving diversity, equity, and inclusion at Discover Financial Services.  In addition to her corporate role, Khalilah aligns her passion to disrupt exclusive narratives and create opportunities for inclusion and diversity for various groups across Chicagoland. She serves as a DEI I expert for several nonprofits, sharing inspirational and actionable messages as a consultant, keynote speaker, mentor, advisor, thought leader, board member,and volunteer. Her purpose, experience and enthusiasm drive her to present compelling stories, to facilitate workshops, to influence youth and to create spaces for courageous — and often provocative – conversations When not working, she spends time with her two children being inspired by their approach to and perspective on life.  She lives life fully as a dedicated mother, sister, friend, change agent and disruptor.

More to come in 2021:

  • Your Voice, Your Power – Understanding the nuances of communication to her confidence when you speak
  • Candid Conversations: Identity, Influence, Inclusion:  Discovering what influences different aspects of our identities and leveraging our identities and influence to create inclusion for all.
  • Designing Diversity Equity & Inclusion for our Future:  A workshop that will allow participants to learn about diversity / equity and inclusion concepts and discuss how to create a future that values all of us.
  • Candid Conversations: My emotions, My well-being, My Mental:  Brave space to learn how to nurture our mental well being
  • Candid Conversations panels with panels of phenomenal women discussing their journeys and key experiences from their teens that impacted who they are today, challenges they faced and how they overcame it all to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Your Financial Power Starts now: Workshop series that anchors us in spending and saving habits we should have today, must-know concepts and where identity and self-esteem come into play. Optional workshop for parents and how they can support their young entrepreneurs.