Excellence from the Inside Out

Workshops that makes girls who they are and to stand up and stand out in all that we do for ourselves and others.


Where girls can come together in a safe space to nurture that spark within themselves to ignite the fire to better prepare them for all the twists and turns that life throws at them.

Programs are for middle and high school girls. Monthly programs are $15 per session. If you are interested in a subscription of the entire 12 month series, you may access all sessions at your leisure through our learning management system. Sessions will be uploaded within one week of each session.

All workshops begin the third Tuesday of each month at 6 pm CST starting June 2021.

We will update the monthly schedule soon.


  • During Covid times, girls are feeling more isolated than ever, anxiety is at unprecedented
    levels and mental health is on the brink
  • Access to amazing topical monthly content
  • Create a safe space
  • Improve self respect
  • Workshops will elevate through education and activate behaviors through interactive discussion and activities
  • Kick off 2021 developing a growth mindset
  • Set your intention for an amazing year of the amazing you
  • Girls need more than what is taught during the school day, they need to know how to navigate in this world.
  • Connect with amazing female role models
  • Be able to better navigate friend and peer situations


Middle School & High School Girls. We will include parents and caregivers for some of the workshops.


$15 per workshop or $125 for unlimited access to a 12 month series.


The third Tuesday of the month at 6pm CST, starting in June.



Workshops Schedule

Here is an overview of all of the amazing workshops we have in store for 2021. Your daughter will not want to miss a single one. She will leave each session inspired to take immediate action in her life to help her discover and continue to nurture the leader within her.


June 19, 2021

Experiencing Life Through The B-List


To experience excellence from the inside out, we have to get focused on how we are experiencing life, not just what we are achieving in life. In this workshop, you will learn the power of experiencing life through the B-List, a framework that gets us to take the moments that we encounter each day and leverage them for our growth, our strength and our ultimate joy.


Khalilah Lyons is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategist and enthusiast devoted to advocating for underrepresented and untapped talent and brilliance in others.  Her experience ranges from Fortune 500 corporations and manufacturers to digital start-ups, and she is currently driving diversity, equity, and inclusion at Discover Financial Services.  In addition to her corporate role, Khalilah aligns her passion to disrupt exclusive narratives and create opportunities for inclusion and diversity for various groups across Chicagoland. She serves as a DEI I expert for several nonprofits, sharing inspirational and actionable messages as a consultant, keynote speaker, mentor, advisor, thought leader, board member,and volunteer. Her purpose, experience and enthusiasm drive her to present compelling stories, to facilitate workshops, to influence youth and to create spaces for courageous — and often provocative – conversations When not working, she spends time with her two children being inspired by their approach to and perspective on life.  She lives life fully as a dedicated mother, sister, friend, change agent and disruptor.


  • Your Voice, Your Power – Understanding the nuances of communication to her confidence when you speak
  • Candid Conversations: Identity, Influence, Inclusion:  Discovering what influences different aspects of our identities and leveraging our identities and influence to create inclusion for all.
  • Designing Diversity Equity & Inclusion for our Future:  A workshop that will allow participants to learn about diversity / equity and inclusion concepts and discuss how to create a future that values all of us.
  • Candid Conversations: My emotions, My well-being, My Mental:  Brave space to learn how to nurture our mental well being
  • Candid Conversations panels with panels of phenomenal women discussing their journeys and key experiences from their teens that impacted who they are today, challenges they faced and how they overcame it all to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Your Financial Power Starts now: Workshop series that anchors us in spending and saving habits we should have today, must-know concepts and where identity and self-esteem come into play. Optional workshop for parents and how they can support their young entrepreneurs.
  • Unbothered retreat – How to have less anxiety and learn how to take better care of YOU.
  • Building resilience and establishing self-care
  • Lead your ship: Your Superpowers for Success
  • The power of Hello and Networking